Paw Treats Relax+ 100g

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Hemp snacks for dogs

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The probably unique Relax + recipe promotes:

  • Serenity
  • Balance
  • Inner peace
  • the attention
  • the resistance to stress
  • the mental performance
  • the mental balance

Help your dog go through life relaxed.
Be your dog's hero and allow him to live a relaxed and happy life in any Situation.

The specially developed Relax + recipe supports your dog in a natural way to stay calm and balanced in stressful situations.

There are numerous triggers that can lead to nervousness, anxiety, and stress in animals. Unfamiliar environments or large crowds can cause significant stress for some dogs. Alone, a visit to the vet or a new life situation are other possible factors. There are also animals that have experienced something traumatic and are generally very anxious or even depressed. In addition, many dogs react in a panic to loud noises, e.g. due to fireworks or thunderstorms. In such and comparable situations, you can use the natural powers of the Relax + Snacks to help your dog stay relaxed, calm and balanced.

The probably unique recipe of the Relax + was developed by a team of veterinarians, pharmacologists and food technologists. When selecting the medicinal plants, particular care was taken to ensure that they work in different ways and can thus support the dogs holistically. Due to this very well thought-out recipe, Relax + supports serenity, balance and inner peace without making the animals sleepy. Relax + can not only promote resistance to different types of stress, but also alertness and mental Performance.

The main active ingredients of Relax+

Hemp flour

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated and medicinal plants known to mankind. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the natural active ingredients found in hemp. It exerts its effect, among other things, through the endocannabinoid system of animals, which regulates the activity of various important body systems. Studies have shown that CBD can help the body deal with pain and inflammatory responses. In addition, it promotes balanced behavior and general well-being and has numerous other supportive effects.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm has been used in many parts of the world for thousands of years. According to studies, lemon balm can counteract anxiety and depressive moods thanks to its calming and mood-enhancing properties. Melissa seems to be able to optimally support animals that are tense, restless or easily irritable.


Chamomile contains numerous active ingredients and has always been used for various diseases. It is used, among other things, to support people with anxiety and sleep disorders. In addition, studies have shown that animals can also benefit from the relaxing and anxiolytic effects of this plant.

Rose root

In traditional European and Asian medicine, rose root is one of the most popular medicinal plants for physical and emotional stress. According to studies, rose root not only promotes resistance to various types of stress, but can also have a gently stimulating effect and promote alertness and mental Performance.


Feeding recommendation: normal

In the morning and in the evening:?

  • 5 – 9 kg: 0,5 hemp snacks
  • 10 – 19 kg: 1 hemp snacks
  • 20 – 29 kg: 2 hemp snacks
  • 30 – 39 kg: 3 hemp snacks
  • 40 – 49 kg: 4 hemp snacks
  • 50 – 80 kg: 5 hemp snacks

Feeding recommendation: strong

In the morning and in the evening:?

  • 5 – 9 kg: 1,5 hemp snacks
  • 10 – 19 kg: 3 hemp snacks
  • 20 – 29 kg:6 hemp snacks
  • 30 – 39 kg: 9 hemp snacks
  • 40 – 49 kg: 12 hemp snacks
  • 50 – 80 kg: 15 hemp snacks

Analytical components of Relax+

  • Crude protein: 15%
  • Raw fat: 10%
  • Crude fiber: 4%
  • Crude ash: 7%



Contents:100,00 g

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